Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011 Prism Contest

2011 - 14th Annual Prism Contest for Published Authors
hosted by Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal (FF&P) RWA Chapter

- FF&P romance published in 2010
- Books/novellas published by other than traditional paper publishing houses are eligible to enter as long as the e-book is available for download during 2010
- PDF or Print acceptable
- Strong romantic elements acceptable
- contest is limited to 35 entries per category, with a minimum of 10
- Open to novel (40,000+ words), novellas (20,000 - 40,000 words).

Entry Cost:
- $30.00 (Members) or $35.00 (non-members)
- Three (3) copies of entry title (signed)
- PDF file upload
(note - eBook (pdf) entry the author acknowledges that two, or three, depending on the need for further scoring, additional copies of the PDF file will be sent for judging, and accepts responsibility for any payment required for these copies.)

Payment Method:
- Paypal or check made out to FF&P (write title of your entry in the Memo field)

19 March 2011

Full Rules/More Information:

About Event:
CATEGORIES - (All works must involve both romance and paranormal elements to qualify.)

DARK PARANORMAL: Paranormal happenings are a major element of the plot; these stories may contain ominous overtones.

LIGHT PARANORMAL: Lighter in tone; these stories also include paranormal happenings as a major element of the plot.

FUTURISTIC: Set in the future with science fiction elements that include technological advancements; these stories may involve futuristic earth, other planets, aliens, or space travel.

FANTASY: Includes mythical creatures and magical elements; these stories are not limited to but may be set in medieval worlds with medieval characters.

TIME TRAVEL/STEAMPUNK: A character or characters travel back or forward in time; these stories can take place in a historical, contemporary, or futuristic setting. Steampunk should include typical steampunk elements.

EROTICA/ROMANTICA: Explicit sensuality is inherent to work; these stories can take place in a historical, contemporary, or futuristic setting.

NOVELLA: Encompasses any of the categories listed above, but word count must fall between 20,000 and 40,000 words.

YOUNG ADULT: Novels appropriate for teen and young adult readers, typically featuring main characters in high school or college. These stories may take place in a contemporary, historical, futuristic, or otherworldly setting. Minimum word count: 40,000 words.